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Muz Entertainment, created in 2012 and disbanded in 2013, was the studio that existed prior to AltSalt. Though the original members have now gone their separate ways, with their permission, AltSalt is republishing this archive of Muz's multimedia works. Note: These projects are not compatible with mobile devices.

Cross Country

Black and white line drawing of a man with a gutar

Rural Minds - Trailer

Rural Minds - Calder Way

Rural Minds - The Graffiti Tunnel

The cover to The Graffiti Tunnel on the AltSalt web page


Ricardo Morales – Direction, Programming, and Photography
Ricardo is founder of AltSalt. A dabbler in writing, photography, programming, and music, he enjoys bridging diverse disciplines together and creating interactive multimedia work.

Nara Strete – Artwork and Writing
A fine artist, illustrator, and sculptor based in Los Angeles. Nara has a BFA in Fine Art from East Stroudsburg University and an MFA in Drawing and Painting from Penn State. The artist often explores themes of animal symbolism in relation to human identity. The Art of Nara Strete.

Stef Orzech – Writing, Music, and Audio
Stef Orzech lives and writes in Brooklyn, NY.

Brian Flowers – Programming
Software developer by day... software developer by night, Brian has spent most of his life pursing various goals involving backend software development. During his years at Penn State University he gained the focus of organized activism, leading to his work with Muz to share the stories that define these causes. Since graduating, he has also been working in corporate testing, activist IT support, and security-focused network services in Rhode Island.

Kelly Dougher – Writing
Kelly is a writer and editor whose work has appeared in Glamour, Teen Vogue, Bustle, Refinery29, Nylon, and more. She enjoys writing about style, beauty, and pop culture. In her spare time she splits her attention fairly evenly between her TV obsession and her dog Doug.

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