A Modern Ghost

a multimedia reading experience for iOS and Android

A black-and-white image of a woman

"Above the mirror, small and low, hung a fluorescent bulb whose light shone through my skin..."

People we love often fade away. As time goes on, how do we remember our relationships, and what insights does that distance afford us?

Featuring an original soundtrack, 22 photo illustrations, and a few innovative surprises, A MODERN GHOST explores a young man's memories of a love that was never realized.

A prototype story, it is the first release by digital literature studio AltSalt.

Cost: Free
Length: 3-5 minutes

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July 27, 2017

*​SHORTLISTED for the 2017 New Media Writing Prize if:book Award*

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Man with camera for a head looking in the mirror
Friends peering through a fence
Man and woman standing beside each other

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