What is AltSalt?
Over four years in the making, AltSalt (short for "alternative salt") is a studio dedicated to exploring new forms of art. Mostly, we focus on creating digital fiction and poetry. After weathering many fits and starts, we're hard at work on our first apps.

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What makes digital literature different from regular literature?
The way we see it, we're at the beginning of a literary revolution. Digital literature might allow you to make choices, view animation, play music, and other things. Mobile phones are opening up all kinds of creative frontiers; writers, programmers, and artists are experimenting in this new space. We're along for the ride.

Are you looking for writers / artists / other creatives?
Of course! Drop us a line. Just let us know if you're working on something you'd like us to write about – we'll see if it's a match for the blog and then be in touch.

Why the name, 'AltSalt'?
Salt is tasty and brings out flavor. Likewise, our content is tasty and brings out the best in digital literature. Also, we like to cook and happened to be in the kitchen while brainstorming names.

Can we expect to see more food metaphors?
Hmm, no comment...

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