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What is AltSalt?
When I was a child, I loved writing — in fact, I wanted to become an author and write books for the rest of my life.  But when I was 16, all of that suddenly changed.

Accepted into a competitive summer arts program in 2007, I found myself surrounded by the most talented people I'd ever met — illustrators, writers, designers, musicians, photographers, dancers, and more.

And while everyone was talented individually, I realized that collaboration was when the truly amazing art was created.

My name is Artemio Morales — I am founder of AltSalt.

That love of collaboration has never left me, and now, 11 years later, taking inspiration from radical art movements of the past, I believe it's possible to create a new medium of art — one that combines technology with the best of visual art, writing, music, and interactivity.

I believe literature is on the eve of a revolution — AltSalt is a studio dedicated to making that a reality.

​Are you looking for writers / artists / other creatives?
Of course! Drop us a line. We may not have any immediate projects, but we're always looking to connect with creatives. Also, you can contact us if you'd like us to write about your work – we'll see if it's a match for the blog and then be in touch.

Why the name, 'AltSalt'?
Salt is tasty and brings out flavor. Likewise, our content brings out the best in digital literature.

Can we expect to see more food metaphors?

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