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​What is AltSalt?
​When ​I was a child, I loved writing — in fact, ​I ​​wanted to ​become an author​ and write books for the rest of my life. ​But when I was 16, all of that ​suddenly changed.

​Accepted into ​a ​competitive summer arts program in 2007, ​I ​​found myself surrounded by the most talented people I'd ever met — ​illustrators, writers, designers, musicians, photographers, dancers, and more.

And while everyone was talented individually, I realized that collaboration was when the truly amazing art was created.

​My name is Ricardo Morales — I am founder of AltSalt.

That love of collaboration has never left me, ​and now, 11 years later, taking inspiration from radical art movements of the past, I believe it's possible to create a new medium of art — one that combines technology with the best of visual art​, ​writing, music, and interactivity.

​I believe literature is on the eve of a revolution — AltSalt is a studio dedicated to making that a reality.

What makes digital literature different from regular literature?
​When ​literature goes digital, ​you can do anything. ​What if it were possible to create a story partway between book, animated movie, and video game? ​We've ​only just started exploring what's possible... ​the future belongs to this new format, 'maximum literature.'

​We're not the only ones experimenting in this space. Writers, programmers, and artists are ​breaking new ground, devising new work every day. We're along for the ride.

Are you looking for writers / artists / other creatives?
Of course! Drop us a line. We may not have any immediate projects, but we're always looking to connect with creatives. Also, you can contact us if you'd like us to write about your work – we'll see if it's a match for the blog and then be in touch.

Why the name, 'AltSalt'?
Salt is tasty and brings out flavor. Likewise, our content brings out the best in digital literature.​

Can we expect to see more food metaphors?

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